Supporters Program

The Supporters program, facilitated by external companies, plays a crucial role in accelerating startup growth by providing access to a wide range of exclusive services and special products offered by our Supporters. These Supporters are leaders in their respective fields, ranging from legal to marketing, banking to industrialization, and more.

The synergy created through this program is invaluable - startups benefit from the expertise and resources of our Supporters, while Supporters engage with fresh, innovative entrepreneurial minds. This collaboration fosters startup growth and allows Supporters to play an active role in nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs, reinforcing their position as key players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Connect with ETH Zurich's promising startups, contribute to the entrepreneurial landscape, and benefit:

Supporting Young Entrepreneurs

Share your expertise and services, accelerating startups and offering perks they wouldn&apost afford otherwise.

Exposure to Innovation

Engage in a two-way exchange of ideas, gaining as much as you give.

Special Club Events

Attend the ETH Entrepreneur Club's Christmas Dinner Lunch, end-of-semester event, and GA.

Visibility and Recognition

With your approval, be featured in social media posts celebrating Rockethub's collaborative spirit.

Supporter Conditions

Clearly state perks provided to startups in a written document for a specified time frame or until leaving the program.

Join and participate in events and activities organized by the ETH Entrepreneur Club.

Provide feedback to the ETH Entrepreneur Club regarding the satisfaction with how perks are utilized by startups.

Ready to make a meaningful impact and be a guiding force for emerging startups? Join us as a Rockethub Mentor in our supporters program!Reach out to us via

Fostering entrepreneurship among students.

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