Startup Incubator


A place to connect. A place to grow.


Work together

The Rockethub provides your team with workspaces and meeting rooms, equipped with monitors and whiteboards and a network of other startups

Maker Space

Create prototypes in our in-house Maker Space, with 3D Printers, workbenches and tools.

Supporters Programme

Get discounted pricing on services, access to an exclusive network of supporters, and more.

Mentorship Programme

Connect with industry leaders and industry experts to validate your ideas and build your product.


Pitch in front of the club, host workshops and join exclusive events. Connect with other founders and expand your team.

Fostering entrepreneurship among students.

Built with ❤️ by ETH Entrepreneur Club

Flagship Events

InCubeLaunchF*ckup NightsStartup Speed Dating



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