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About Us

The Rockethub is a thriving startup incubator managed by the ETH Entrepreneur Club and designed to support ETH early-stage startups. With a mission to nurture and accelerate entrepreneurial dreams, the Rockethub has become a vibrant ecosystem for innovation, education, and startup acceleration. Located at Weinbergstrasse 11, Zurich 8001, at the heart of Switzerland&aposs entrepreneurial landscape, our mission extends to fostering a dynamic ecosystem that facilitates innovation, knowledge sharing, and growth. To this end, we support Rockethub Startups providing them access to various facilities: Mentorship Program, Supporters Program, access to the Coworking Space and Makerspace, exclusive Events and Workshops, access to Slack channel and internal Rockethub Platform.







Our Facilities

At Rockethub, we provide Startups with comprehensive services that cultivate and amplify their innovative ideas, propelling them toward success.
Coworking Space

Coworking Space

Are you looking for a co-working environment for your Startup?

Supporters Program

Supporters Program

Get access to a world of perks, special offers and premium products from the industry to accelerate your growth journey.

Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program

Elevate your startup journey with expert guidance from our mentors and propel your business to new heights.

Networking Events

Connect with a community of like-minded individuals through our workshops and events. Designed exclusively for Startups, Mentors, and Supporters and sometimes talented, external students, our curated events offer a unique opportunity to connect, collaborate, and thrive together.


The Rockethub Liftoff is a unique event designed as a pitch competition exclusively for ETH Startups and Spin-offs. Here, these ventures have the possibility to showcase their work in front of a diverse audience of Supporters, Mentors, students, startup enthusiasts, and industry representatives. Following the exhilarating pitches, join us for a delightful dinner and apéro, creating a relaxed atmosphere for further networking and collaboration within the vibrant RocketHub community.


Step into the dynamic world of entrepreneurial collaboration at RocketBuzz—an event where Startups openly share their current problems, from pricing plans to user experience to new features. Join us for engaging sessions where diverse teams come together to find new creative approaches, brainstorm solutions and propelling collective growth in the startup ecosystem.

Legal Hour

Ready to dive into a lively conversation about entrepreneurship and get answers to your burning questions from legal specialists? Participate in a dynamic live Q&A session at Legal Hour curated by legal experts from the industry.


Eligibility Criteria

To be part of our dynamic Rockethub Community, your startup should:

Have at least one team member affiliated with ETH

Be an early stage startup not older than 1.5 years

Have a team size of maximum 6 people

Be not incorporated or incorporated for less than 2 years

Application Process

Online application

For applying to the Rockethub, simply submit your application through the Rockethub platform.


Once your application is in, our dedicated team will carefully evaluate your proposal and get back to you promptly.


If you meet our eligibility criteria, our VP of Operations will reach out to schedule a personalized interview, featuring personal introductions and a startup pitch. Submit a pitch deck in advance with detailed startup information. The interview will include further questions about your project and a Q&A session about RocketHub.



A Rockethub membership is a dedicated commitment lasting for a maximum duration of 2 years.


Departures may occur under the following circumstances:

Exceeding the 2-year membership duration.

Surpassing the team size maximum

Advised departure by Rockethub in consultation with the ETH Entrepreneur Club.

Voluntary departure communicated via written notification by the startup.


The fees are for a semester's access to the Rockethub coworking space and apply in addition to the flat membership fee.

Flat Startup membership fee: CHF 50

Price per semester for access to the Rockethub coworking space:

1 member: CHF 100

2 members: CHF 250 (CHF 125 per member)

3 members: CHF 450 (CHF 150 per member)

4 members: CHF 700 (CHF 175 per member)

5 members: CHF 1000 (CHF 200 per member)

6 members: CHF 1350 (CHF 225 per member)


Fostering entrepreneurship among students.

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