FuckUp Nights

Stories of success are incomplete without stories of failures.

Stories of success are incomplete without stories of failures. During this inspiring evening, we bring together diverse, high-profile speakers to share stories of their past failures and unexpected twists in life, and most importantly, how these events have brought them closer to their successes today. They embrace their professional and personal fuckups in an attempt to shatter the taboo surrounding failure and show us what we can learn from our mistakes. Join us in this movement to be bold, adventurous, and unafraid of failing. Do not miss out on this unique opportunity to hear the captivating stories of entrepreneurs and high-level executives followed by a Q&A session.



Felix Bertram

Renowned Lion investor


Olga Miller

Co-founder of SmartPurse and multi-award-winning innovator


Thomas Winter

Corporate veteran turned tech startup mentor

Speakers Autumn Semester 2023 Edition


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