Coworking Space

Located at Weinbergstrasse 11, Zurich 8001, at the heart of Switzerland’s entrepreneurial landscape, our Coworking Space is a hub for innovation and collaboration, where the dynamic world of entrepreneurship comes alive.


Focused Work and Collaboration

Shared Workspaces

Looking for a place to work and the opportunity to connect and share your experiences with like-minded individuals? Experience a dynamic workspace equipped with flexible floating desks, monitors, and high-speed internet, ensuring an efficient and connected work environment.


Network and Brainstorm

Meeting Room

Furnished with versatile tables and chairs, the room provides a flexible layout to accommodate various meeting styles. Mobile whiteboards and large screens encourage dynamic brainstorming sessions, allowing ideas to flow freely and be captured effortlessly.


Put Ideas into Reality

Maker Space

Equipped with 3D printers, this innovative zone empowers you to bring your concepts to life. Whether you're a seasoned creator or a budding innovator, our maker space is a playground for transforming imagination into tangible prototypes.


Relax and Connect

Connect Space

Comfy couches, a cool soccer table for some friendly matches, and a fully-equipped kitchen stocked with free coffee. It's the perfect combination of a chill zone and a creative workspace. We offer three distinct connect spaces, each with a different atmosphere—whether you're looking for a formal meeting area or a more relaxed, informal setting.

House Rules for a Harmonious Workspace

Floating Desk and Clean Desk Policy:

With no fixed desks, it is necessary to keep your workspace clean and organized, following our clean desk policy for shared areas.

Meeting Rooms:

Booking meeting rooms is a breeze through our platform. Ensure they are cleaned after use, and external bookings for personal events are allowed only upon prior agreement—no reservations for the entire day.

No Smoking:

Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere on the premises, including the terrace.

Mailing Address:

Please note that Rockethub cannot be utilized as a mailing or business address for Startups.

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