Our Committees

Explore our dynamic committees and seize the opportunity to shape the future of entrepreneurship at ETH – join us and make a difference!

Finance Committee
Manages the financial resources of the club as well as relationship with our partners and sponsors.
Membership Committee
Responsible for member-related concerns, organizing internal team-building activities, and ensuring club growth.
The "go-to" committee for all RocketHub-related activities & startup management
Events Committee
Plans and executes all events and organized external activities.
IT Committee
Responsible for initiating cool IT projects, construction of internal platforms & external websites and offering technical support to all committees
Marketing Committee
Making sure that the students and the entrepreneurial ecosystem is aware of our events and activities.
Initiatives Committee
Management of large club initiatives such as: Launch, InCube Challenge and Joinup.

Fostering entrepreneurship among students.

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Flagship Events

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