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We believe that the best way to ensure a thriving future for mankind is to encourage fresh young minds to have the courage & the tools to bring their ideas to life.

At WORLDWEBFORUM / Next Generation, international startups & experts come together to discuss the most important aspects for startup founders to take into consideration. Students get insight into diverse points of view, can ask questions, receive advice & feedback, and get one-on-one time with speakers during our free Apéro.


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Jeremy Abbett, Creative Evangelist at Google, San Francisco

Aviel Siman-Tov, Co-Founder & CEO at Fairfly, Tel Aviv

Alasdair Snow, Co-Founder & CPO at Triptease, London

Philipp Stauffer, Founder & Partner at Fyrfly, San Francisco

Mike Baur, Co-Founder & Partner at Swiss Startup Factory

Cristian Grossmann, Co-Founder & CEO at Beekeeper, Zurich

Cynthia Castritius, Business & Financial Editor at Bilanz, Zurich

& more

For information on our speakers & schedule, visit http://www.worldwebforum-nextgeneration.com

What will I learn?

1. How do I turn my idea into a business?

2. How to recruit the founding team

3. What investors look for in a startup

4. What the Silicon Valley startup culture really looks like

5. What the current trends in the startup hub Tel Aviv are

6. Real-life experiences - the successes & failures of 3 well-established global startups

7. Why failing is so important in order for a startup / entrepreneur to succeed


What do I get?

Exclusive insight into the strategies of successful global startups, as well as input & feedback from established entrepreneurs and pioneers.

 Enjoy keynotes & panel sessions, get involved in the program during the Q&A sessions, and grow your personal network during our free apéro.


Who are we?

WORLDWEBFORUM is the most successful Swiss business conference for digital transformation & leadership. With speakers such as Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple, John Sculley, Ex-CEO of Apple & Pepsi, Kirsty Nathoo, CFO & Partner at Y Combinator, & more, we annually bring together international pioneers to discuss the hottest new innovations and developments. 

In January 2016 we launched our project "Next Generation" to bring our broad network of experts together to transfer their knowledge to students. Our goal is to ensure that all students have the tools they need to become successful startup founders. 

In June 2016 we are launching our "Startup Bootcamp" series which consists of our kick-off event in June and specific training & workshop programs throughout the year. Students and start-ups can then apply for our Qualifying Round in January and compete to be one of the 3-5 startups to pitch live at the WORLDWEBFORUM 2017. 

The season will be concluded by our WORLDWEBFORUM / Next Generation event on January 25th 2017, hosting Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the Inventor of the World Wide Web  & other experts from the main event LIVE at ETH Zurich. 

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