'How to start a startup' pt. 2

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Learn how to build your first startup.

Why work for Google when you can build it?


We think ambitious, talented people shouldn’t waste their time in jobs that don’t make the most of their skills and in which they don’t share the upside from what they’re building.

The 2-part workshop is aimed at demystifying what building a startup is actually like and helping you get your first idea off the ground. Your computer science degree teaches you a lot, but a lot often isn’t enough to build a company. We'll share how we help people like you start their (first) startup. Sessions are free and open to all computer science and engineering students who are thinking about startups as a next step after university.


What will I learn? (Topics covered)
1. Why proprietary tech matters: No more Tinder for pets
2. How to find your customers: the myth of ‘Being your own Boss’
3. Why you should forget the business plan and just build
4. How to raise money: What investors really care about


What do I get?
As well as workshops, you’ll have exclusive access to weekly office hours with the Entrepreneur First team during the course. If you want to continue building your startup after graduating, you’ll be fast-tracked through the EF application process.

Who are we?
Entrepreneur First is Europe's leading early-stage investor in deep technology companies.
We help Europe's most talented individuals to build high growth technology companies from scratch. If you meet our talent bar, we want to fund you even before you have a team or a developed idea.

Over the past four years we have created 37 companies which are now valued at $150million. They’re funded by some of the most prestigious investors including Y Combinator, Index Ventures and Octopus Ventures.

The workshops will be led by the EF team including the cofounders, Matt and Alice and feature guest speakers from tech community.
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