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What is FinTech ?
A contraction of "finance" and "technology" - it refers to companies that provide financial services through the engagement of technology.

What is FinTech Startup Weekend ?
A 54-hour event for developers, designers and entrepreneurs to hack on your latest fintech idea. You will be able to present your own concept and form a team around it or join forces with someone else. Over the weekend, you will be putting the foundations of a business case, designing and building a product prototype, testing your assumptions with a potential customers, and, on Sunday night, pitch the results of your weekend's work to a panel of investors and industry titans from across banking, insurance and payments. What's more, over the weekend, you will have access to over ten industry experts and mentors to help you bring your ideas to life.

Who is it for ?
Anyone with a passion for fintech is welcome! If you've been toying with an idea, but need a final push to make it happen, if you are looking for ways to form a great team, or if you are simply excited to get involved with a fintech startup at its conceptualisation, this weekend is for you.

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Dorfstrasse 27

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