Ideation Lab with Startup@UZH

Ideation Lab with Startup@UZH

What do you get when over 30 bright minds from ETH and UZH, a few experienced entrepreneurs and a lot of delicious food are put together in one room? A lot of great and innovative business ideas!



The goal of the Ideation Lab is to bring students together to form interdisciplinary teams, which develop their own startup ideas in only one evening with the support of expert coaches. One of them – Fabian Brunner, co-founder of Sensoc – had a special role, because he participated at last semester’s Ideation Lab and then decided to continue working on the developed idea because of all the positive feedback. Now, half a year later, they have already won two prizes and are starting to develop their product: a smart sock with integrated sensors that tracks the movements and the pressure on the sole of the foot. One of the other coaches – Timo Hahn, founder of wydr – introduced us to the business model canvas. With his successful startup wydr, often described as “Tinder for Art”, he has been able to collect a lot of knowledge about the model, which he shared with us.

After the introduction talks, the ideation process started. The teams had exactly two hours, to decide which idea they want to develop further and eventually pitch to the rest of the participants and the coaches. A lot of discussions filled the room and tons of ideas were shared. The coaches gave their continuous feedback and the business model canvas on the walls started to look colorful from all the post-its. At half time we needed to refill our batteries for the final process. Therefore we had some delicious Holy Cow! burgers and fries to fill our stomachs. Then, everyone was ready for the fine-tuning of the pitches and the final pitching session.

 Each team had exactly three minutes to convince the coaches why their idea is great. What a hard decision for the coaches! All teams had great ideas and most of all they were all really different. The ideas ranged from an app that makes a personalized weather prediction to a startup called “The Ugly Cucumber” that helps farmers to sell their not so nice products for lower prices. The other ideas ranged from virtual reality, to the insurance market and also to a digital timeline that connects your calendar, pictures etc. to give you a better overview. But the idea that convinced the coaches the most was “Hemdli” - a platform where busy people that don’t have time to wash and iron their shirts or simply want to safe money are matched with other people that have time to do that and want to earn some additional money. It was great to see how many ideas can be created in such a short time and we hope that all the teams will turn their idea into reality!



- Cristina Mercandetti, ETH Entrepreneur Club



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