ETH EC Award

C’mon, this year was an enormous success! We cannot describe how proud we are to welcome every semester such a great crowd at the EC Award.

The spring edition of the EC Award 2017 has been a confirmation of the talents that are growing in the startup ecosystem. Beautiful ideas and pitches from different High Tech fields have been presented. The jury on the evening of the EC Award, formed by Stefan Steiner, Stephan Wehrli, Soeren Mose and Prafull Sharma, had a pretty tough task analyzing and rating the various performances. On the other hand, their questions to the startups during the Q&A session were tricky too.

The very first part of this semester’s edition of the EC Award was the Polybahn Pitch. A way of assessment, which has already become a tradition at the EC Award. Accompanied by nice sunshine, everyone enjoyed the selection round on the 22nd of April. The concept is easy: climb and pitch! The teams were asked to jump in the Polybahn, pitch their idea in front of a camera by the time the Polybahn climbed all the way up to ETH. It was a great opportunity for the teams to demonstrate their skills under stressful conditions.

But soon the day arrived we all waited for. On the evening of the EC Award, the 2nd of May, we welcomed around 350 people at the ETH Audi Max. Unfortunately, we could only select seven startups for the final round. Believe us, when we are saying it was a hard decision!

Here you can find the startups, that made it into the final and pitched in front of a fantastic jury and a cheering audience:                                                                                                        

After an exciting pitch session, Mike from the Swiss Startup Factory gave an incredible talk. What is the most important thing for an Entrepreneur? PASSION! Then it was time to announce the winners of the EC Award. One could feel the tension and the excitement in the Audi Max!

1st place, for a value of 8000 CHF went to U-SERS. Further benefits: access to the SSUF Pre-Accelerator Program and access to the EC Coworking Space. And that is still not everything!

2nd place, for a value of 5000 CHF went to Vatorex AG. The access to the SSUF Pre-Accelerator Program and the access to the EC Coworking Spacewere given for the second place as well!

3rd place, for a value of 3000 CHF went to KITRO. Same benefits as for the first two places!

The winner of the audience price (2000 CHF) went to turbo3D and the price for the best pitch received Roboratory!

But due to all this excitement we became hungry! So it was time for a delicious Holy Cow Gourmet Burger and a cool Chopfab beer in front of the Audi Max, so good! People could choose between various burgers and drinks, all for free!

We want to highlight now the impressive work done by our moderator, Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier or just JP, who lead us through the evening, encouraging and supporting the startups and entertaining the audience with funny anecdotes.

It has been a wonderful evening and we, from the ETH Entrepreneur Club, are very thankful for all the support. It was great that so many people participated!

Stay tuned! 

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