ETH EC Award

Once again, this semester's edition of the EC Award organized by the ETH Entrepreneur Club went down quite amazingly! If you missed it, don't worry, this article will break it down for you.

For the selection round, the concept of the Polybahn Pitch was implemented for the first time and it was a big success! Indeed, everyone loved it. The teams were invited to take the Polybahn up one time and pitch in front of a camera during the climb. The dynamic and the duration of the ride were just right to push the teams to give out their best pitch. Besides this, filming and sharing everything on the ETH Entrepreneur Club Facebook page made sure to get everyone excited in perspective of the grand finale in the AudiMax!

This semester's teams were of the most exciting kind! The committee was supposed to make its selection of the teams that would compete in the final from the Polybahn Pitches, but the selection process was really tough. In fact, we couldn't restrain ourselves to select 6 teams and that's why 7 teams were sent to the final round!

Here is a quick overview of the teams that made it to the final to pitch in front of the crowd and jury in the AudiMax:

• Alan is here to revolutionize the complete spectrum of concerts and music and the paradigm of art. Alan is here to show you your favorite songs you haven't heard yet. Alan is the world's first artificially intelligent artist - an AI DJ who creates tracks, albums, and most importantly, the most amazing concerts ever.

• IDUN Healthtech is the first medical grade ECG device for field-condition testing in multi-usage conditions. It is able to record high-quality signals under heavy physical burden causing high motion artifacts and wet environments.

• Ark aims to re-define written communication as we know it. They are integrating all current mainstream channels of communication (Email, SMS, Facebook, Slack, Telegram, etc.) into one elegantly designed, intuitive and easy-to-use application.

• Reflectus proposes a revolutionary way to diagnose breast cancer at a early stage. Thanks to their hand-held ultrasound device, they offer an alternative to the conventional and uncomfortable mammography.

• Photodition is a mobile app that gives you photo challenges like “take 3 pictures of dogs” or “take a selfie with a policeman” or “take a picture at the Eiffel tower”. Through this app, companies could sponsor challenges to promote their brand. By using state-of-the-art machine learning, the team immediately detects all object in the picture and tells you if you have completed the challenge.

• Yougurt+ is a new, highly personalized functional yogurt. It is personalized according to your taste and functionalized according to your needs to support your health and provide your body with all required nutrients. You choose the size, the base (conventional, low fat, lactose free, soy or coconut), the taste, how much sugar you want to add, and finally which vitamins, minerals, probiotics and proteins you want to fortify the yogurt.

• VAY developed a technology consisting of sensors to enable people to walk around in Virtual Reality without limits. Usually, a controller is used for movement, which destroys the immersiveness of the experience. Now by simply walking on the spot you can move around the virtual environment.

After the finalists’ pitches, the guests were invited to enjoy Holy Cow Gourmet Burgers and Chopfab beers in the foyer, leaving some time for our expert jury to deliberate on who will win the prize money.



Once the audience returned to their seats on a full stomach, Mike from the Swiss Startup Factory held an interesting input talk together with Blinkers, previous EC Award winners, and filled the room with passion and motivation. Afterward, tension could finally be released and the winners were announced!

“1st prize, for a value of 8000.- CHF, access to the pre-accelerator program from SSUF, access to the ETH EC Co-working Space (RocketHub), and many other benefits: 

“2nd prize, for a value of 5000.- CHF, access to the pre-accelerator program from SSUF, access to the RocketHub, and many other benefits: 
IDUN Healthtech!”

“3rd prize, for a value of 3000.- CHF, access to the pre-accelerator program from SSUF, access to the RocketHub, and many other benefits: VAY!”

But it’s not over yet! Our moderator JP Vuilleumier, managing director of Swiss Startup Invest and pitch trainer at the Swiss Startup Factory, had the pleasure to select his very own winner by awarding the Best Pitch Award.

“This semester's Best Pitch Award, for a value of 2000.- CHF and access to the pre-accelerator program from SSUF:

And of course your opinion counts as well, this is why the audience also got to vote!

“This semester's Public Prize Award, for a value of 2000.- CHF and access to the pre-accelerator program from SSUF: Reflectus!”


After many rounds of applause, everyone was quite exhausted. All the people present were warmly thanked by the ETH Entrepreneur Club Committee and were allowed to go back to their respective homes.

Once again, thank you for sharing this passion that is entrepreneurship with us.

Sweet dreams of entrepreneurial fame and fortune,

Your ETH Entrepreneur Club


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